Welcome to “F It! Let’s Go!”

F = Faith

So often people say “F it,” meaning forget all of the worries, all of the consequences and all of the negative thoughts. While I agree with leaving those behind as they don’t serve us, I challenge you to replace that “F” to mean faith. When we use our faith to combat that which no longer serves us, we are backed by the power and the love of God. So yes, I’m ready to F things up!

What is this Faithful Journey?

A blog about remaining faithful to self and to God through all of life’s events. A place to have real, open and honest conversations about what faithfulness looks like in this day and age. It’s about being you, and loving you, un-apologetically!

My Story

Why am I sharing my Faithful Journey?

Hi! I’m Janelle, author and photographer of F it, Let’s Go!

My goal is to share my journey with others as a way to empower them to see and create good in the world, inspire them to do the work on themselves, awaken their souls and encourage them to remain faithful to themselves and God.

Discover Our Purpose


To create a positive online community that fosters self-love, growth and faithfulness.


To awaken, Inspire and empower fellow spirits by sharing personal experiences of how society and faith can work together.


Be honest; Set boundaries; Repeat
Work hard for you
Be patient AND understanding
Create a self-care routine

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